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DISOLUTION Affordable – Easy

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DISOLUTION Affordable – Easy DISOLUTION OF MARIAGE — CALL TODAY – 513-410-4847 We do the documents for you to file yourself. Actually talk to an attorney !!! Initial consultations are always free of charge. $300 without children $400 with children. We prepare the filing and walk you through how you file and go to your … Continue reading DISOLUTION Affordable – Easy

Patent and Trademark Attorney

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Patent and Trademark Attorney I am a Patent and Trademark Attorney, registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. I can assist you with patents, trademarks, copyrights, and other forms of intellectual property. My prices are inexpensive and far below those you will find with a large law firm. Please call me to discuss … Continue reading Patent and Trademark Attorney

Creative Lawyer

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Creative Lawyer No case too complex or simple. Have handled everything from Barbara Walters defamation to the little-old-lady behind on her mortgage. That case went all the way to the United States Court of Appeals. Quick-and-creative solutions. Client-friendly rates. Get Legal Help Now! attorney in usa other recommended sites for attorney in usa….

Asset Search – Private Investigation Services Our basic individual or business asset search investigation includes a search for sources of income ( business operations and revenue) or employment, real estate holdings and personal property, unclaimed property, business ownership, professional license, Vehicle ownership, UCC liens, a lawsuit search, judgments, tax liens basic credit review( restrictions apply) … Continue reading Asset Search – Private Investigation Services

People Search/Skip Trace $150 No Find- No Fee People search $150.00 No Find, No Fee. Search for a plaintiff, defendant, witness, debtor, business entity, heir, friend, relative, or employee, or others. The most common request we get is for a locate search–sometimes called a “skip trace.” This investigation seeks the most basic information about a … Continue reading Private investigator $200 No Results – No Payment

Expert Debugging of your Home, Office, Phones, Vehicle, & Computer Licensed Investigator, insured, and bonded, specializing in expert debugging/electronic eavesdropping detection services of your home, office, phone lines, cell phone, computer, and vehicle. Detection of all hidden audio and video devices, including telephone lines, cell phones, and GPS tracking systems. (hidden transmitters, tape recorders, voice … Continue reading Expert Debugging of your Home, Office, Phones, Vehicle, & Computer

lower legal fees

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lower legal fees Tax season brings on the need for legal representation. legalshield is a forty year old company that has 4700 lawyers one of which is waiting to be your personal lawyer . To find out all that Legal shield can do for you for about a dollar a day go to LegalShield.com. Then … Continue reading lower legal fees

Serious criminal charges? Be prepared with an attorney! Are you facing criminal charges and need legal assistance? All criminal charges are serious, and most people are unaware of the severity of the penalty of just pleading guilty. An attorney should always be consulted with before any stage of criminal proceedings. Free consultation and discussion of … Continue reading Serious criminal charges? Be prepared with an attorney!

Wise Laws Sioux Falls Lawyers + Payment Plans Sioux Falls lawyers offers the most excellent superiority legal service in Sioux Falls, and is staffed by the most professional lawyers in Sioux Falls. Our lawyer service team can deal with all of your legal needs for both criminal defense and personal injury in the best city … Continue reading Wise Laws Sioux Falls Lawyers + Payment Plans

Process Server, Notary Public, Private Investigator in Enid, Oklahoma! 3111 West Wilshire Boulevard (google map) license info: PSS-2016-99 Private Investigator in Oklahoma City, OK Our Oklahoma City private investigator’s attention to detail and the Oklahoma Process Server commitment to obtaining positive professional results on each case we accept differentiates us from other Oklahoma private investigators. … Continue reading Process Server, Notary Public, Private Investigator in Enid, Oklahoma!