2012 Mitsubishi i-MiEV ES – For Sale $4765.00

I love this car. I will be so sad when I sell it. So why sell? I have too many vehicles….currently eight vehicles. Plus we have another i-miev and don’t need two of them. I have more vehicles than drivers! But this is the neatest, coolest, cutest little bug around. A real head-turner as people ask “what is that?” IT is an all-electric city car, with a short range, rated at just 62 miles by the EPA. It excels at city driving and commuting. It is great for hauling stuff, running errands and shopping. Absolutely the easiest car to park that you’ve ever driven. Cheap to operate, uses no gas and costs less than two cents per mile to run. NO oil changes or regular maintenance. But It is NOT a “road-trip car”. If you drive it without the A/C on and drive like an old grandpa, it will likely get 10-20% better mileage than rated. If you drive it in the dead of winter with the heat blasting and driving like you stole it (top speed is  81 mph)  then you may only get half of the stated range.

Features: AM/FM stereo with CD player and USB input. Power windows, power door locks, traction control, heated driver seat. Black cloth seats, Keyless entry and remote start.​Speed-sensitive electric power steering (EPS),​Tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS),​Tire repair kit,​Variable intermittent windshield wipers. Low rolling resistance (LRR) Yokohama Avid Ascend tires. CHAdeMO DC fast charging port (recharges battery to 80% in about 20 minutes). Rust free!

Includes: Deer warning whistle, Garmin add-on GPS navigation. Charging cable upgraded by EVSE upgrade (will charge on 120v or 240v), Two keys with keyless door locking controls, and Remote control radio fob for remote start and charge timer functions. Owner’s manual.

Wonderful second car (reduces the wear and tear on your other vehicle) or as your go to work car, go to school car, around the farm car or perhaps for a young driver to keep them on a “short leash”. They can go, but not too far.

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