2010 Ford Crown Victoria Police interceptor – For Sale $3000.00

Price is somewhat negotiable. Vehicle is in good over all shape. Fresh oil change(1k ago), transmission fluid and filter (5k ago), fuel filter, air filter replaced. Both lower control arms, driver front upper control arms, front breaks and rotors are all new. Tires are fair, will get you through summer. This was my daily driver and never gave me any issues. Car is not perfect. Paint has scratches, driver front passenger fender has quick bondo job to cover rust hole and body work isnt my expertise. But it looks a lot better. That was the only bad rust on the car. Just a couple paint touch ups other then that. Interior is ok, it is all cleaned out. Has factory CD player and aftermarket center console. Engine runs very smooth. (has approximately 95k miles on it). Last one popped an oil line and seized up, so they used an engine from a parts vehicle they had.(That’s what the department told me) It shifts smooth, transmission¬† fluid is cherry red. If interested, feel free to message me.

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2nd hand pickup for sale
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