Expert Debugging of your Home, Office, Phones, Vehicle, & Computer

Licensed Investigator, insured, and bonded, specializing in expert debugging/electronic eavesdropping detection services of your home, office, phone lines, cell phone, computer, and vehicle.

Detection of all hidden audio and video devices, including telephone lines, cell phones, and GPS tracking systems. (hidden transmitters, tape recorders, voice activated devices, pinging devices, satelite devices, hyberbolic devices, laser devices, g.p.s. systems, phone bugs, high and low frequency transmissions, wireless and hard wired devices, hidden audio cameras, pinhole devices, etc…)

Expert Debugging/Electronic Eavesdropping Detection of your Computer and Cell Phone…..I-phones, androids, blackberrys, smart phones, desk tops, laptops, notebooks, I-pads, etc…..

Confidential and Affordable….Call 24 hours for a free consultation: 1-800-505-5423

M. Goldman Investigations, LLC

(toll free) 1-800-505-5423

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