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We work with individuals and businesses on all US immigration cases, A-Z!

Why Work With Our Law Firm

Cost conscious, flat fee pricing. No hourly or big retainer pricing. You will know ahead of time, exactly what your cost will be.

Payment Plans. Everyone is trying to make ends meet. For the right candidate, we work with you financially, offering different payment options.

Multiple Attorney Audit (MAA). Two+ heads are better than one. Every case is reviewed by multiple attorneys and paralegals, all for the same low price.

Learn about and avoid the nuanced and often “mysterious” pitfalls that cause paralegals and even attorneys to lose a case, often triggering removal proceedings.

We only practice in the domain of US immigration law. Many attorneys practice in multiple areas of the law. As they say, “a jack of all trades is a master of none.”

Top law school attorneys. Many people don’t know this and it might sound elitist, but where your attorney went to school matters. Why? Because law schools are ultra competitive. The law reality is that top level students – those who can do top level work and often outthink the rest, will go to top level schools. When the top schools have filled their ranks, the bottom tiered applicants will go to the bottom tiered schools. So, make sure to ask where your attorney went to school.

Using the right strategy. You can be excellent at filing your documents, but if your legal strategy is wrong, you stand to lose your immigration status (living) in the US. Using S.M.A.R.T – our proprietary Strategic Multipoint Attorney Result Triangulation system, we are able to surface opportunities often overlooked by other lawyers.

Peace of mind. We use NASA triple redundancy, making sure multiple eyes and hands (attorneys and paralegals) weigh in and review your case before it goes out the door.

No complaints or disciplinary actions. Our attorneys have no client complaints, don’t have any disciplinary issues and are Bar Association members in good standing. Make sure to ask your attorney about their Bar Association standing and disciplinary record. Better yet, go check yourself.

We are actually a law firm. Unlike many immigration operations advertising on this platform, we are attorneys. It’s unfortunate, but many “legal” advertisers on here are a mix of paralegals, legal match companies, or somebody who helped a friend translating immigration documents once upon a time and now setup an ad to make some extra cash. Be careful! These actors are often engaged in the unauthorized practice of law.

We get what it’s like to be an immigrant. Now we are US citizens, but it wasn’t always this way. As a group, we have personally gone through the trials and tribulations of getting a visa, extending the visa, changing to a different visa, getting a temporary greencard, then eventually a permanent one.

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