2009 Toyota Corolla Corolla – For Sale $3999.00

The main reasons I bought this car brand new was the elegant design and mpg (27 city/35 highway). I still drive this car with great pride.

Single owner, oil changed every 3K miles, rear bumper cover changed many years ago (car was hit at a busy NY intersection, minor damage), front tires changed 8 months ago, spark plugs changed 3 months ago; front bumper cover, right fender and right mirror cap was changed 2 weeks ago after the car was in a minor accident.

Some issues with the car: as the car is almost 10 years old, there are natural wear and tear such as paint chipping at certain small areas, which can be fixed with touch up paint. Also, the right fender makes a pop-ing sound when the right front door is opened, this can be fixed by moving the fender up slightly (maybe I will fix this once the weather gets warmer). Other than that the car runs well. I am selling this car as-is for $4K. 

Note: Car is titled in NY, lien Toyota Motor Credit; however, title/lien is released (all paid off, nothing is owed).

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