DISOLUTION Affordable – Easy

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DISOLUTION Affordable – Easy

We do the documents for you to file yourself. Actually talk to an attorney !!!

Initial consultations are always free of charge. $300 without children $400 with children.

We prepare the filing and walk you through how you file and go to your court date so that your Disolution/Divorce is final. These prices cover the following:

All Consultations and intake of all information necessary to prepare the complete package for filing with the Domestic Relations Court in your county. Complete preparation of the documents package. Full guidance from an experienced attorney on how to file and what to expect at the hearing, including how it will be conducted. Education on the process itself and how the courts work through the dissolution process so you have the confidence to go forward. Any necessary follow up to see you through.

CALL TODAY – 513-410-4847

Free consultation. Actually talk to an attorney !!!

Karl Kilguss, Attorney 1244 Nilles Rd., Suite 9

Licensed in Ohio

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