2004 Porsche 911 4S – For Sale $28250.00

Up for your consideration is a 2004 Porsche 911 4S AWD in gorgeous Cobalt Blue Metallic with a 6 speed manual and sliding moonroof and 68K miles.

I purchased this car in 2012 and it has been babied ever since. Car is always garaged, doesn’t see winter, and has only seen rain the handful of times I have been caught in it.  Car is not smoked in, no kids, adult owned.  Car has always been serviced annually at local Porsche dealer.  The sticker price for this car in 2004 was $90,110.   This car turns heads everywhere you drive it and I can’t tell you how many conversations you will get into in parking lots and gas stations with it. Many people can’t believe it is a 2004!

The car has aftermarket Champion wheels, has likely been lowered, tinted windows, has an amazing sound system that includes a built in 10″ JL Audio subwoofer in the rear deck.  If bass isn’t your thing, there is a nice dimmer type switch where you can control how loud the subwoofer is. The car also has a stealth Radar Detector/Laser Jammer that will show up in your rear-view mirror…the thing works great and is awesome to have!  All of these items were done before I purchased the car so I have no details or receipts for these items.

Now for some of the bad:  The car is 15 years old so it has its far share of small paint chips and nicks as you would expect.  The wheels are pretty beat up…not with curb-rash, just age and chipping away. One speaker is showing signs that it has blown.  I’m having some issues with the fob door locks, however it may be just from being on a battery tender all winter and needs re-programmed.  The largest issue is for 2+ years there has been a flapping/fluttering sound coming from the passenger front end.  I have had the vehicle into 3 shops over the years to inquire.  The first time, Porsche had the car for several hours and called me saying they couldn’t find where it was coming from and didn’t want to rip the car apart.   The next year, Porsche said the sound is the front shocks.   I wasn’t so sure, so I took it to a repair shop called German Auto Pros, who said the shocks were fine, the issue was wheel bearings.  I had them repair this, but the sound remains. You’ll hear it good on a bumpy road, but it’s pretty quiet on a smooth one.  I still can’t tell you for sure what the noise is….

I feel I have priced this vehicle right considering the above and that you may have to repair something along the lines of suspension/front end.

Clear title in hand. Serious buyers only please.  

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