1999 Porsche 911 carrera 2 – For Sale $7750.00

Alright so I have a 1999 Porsche 911 Carrera 2 for sale. Automatic transmission. 100,500 Miles. Let me start by saying it did Start up run and drive when I parked it in September of 2018. IT STARTED TO TAP LOUDLY SO I PARKED IT UP AND HAVEN’T MESSED WITH IT SINCE. There was NO smoking, no coolant mixing with oil, just a very loud tapping sound coming from the engine. It has a check engine for a cam position sensor. Iacv. and mass air flow sensor. It idles good just not perfect There IS a loose ground somewhere with the starter sometimes it takes 1 or 2 tries to start. It also has a couple scratches on the windshield which looks like someone tried to clean snow off of it and scratched it. (Pics provided) It looks great from 10 feet away however isn’t perfect cosmetically. The front drivers side fender paint is alittle faded ( tried to take the best picture I could) The front bumper has a scratch pictured, it has 10 small dents total and the hood has hail damage, Since I owned it I’ve done an oil change on it, cleaned out the entire air system, replaced the air filter, cleaned the throttle body, iacv, and mass air flow sensor out, as well as replacing 2 spark plugs on cylinder 1, 4 the hardest ones to get to. New tires all the way around, new suspension all the way around, random hoses have been replaced that have shown cracks. Convertible top, radio, ac, heat all work fine. I love this car I really really do but I cannot afford to dump money into a rebuild or a new engine at the moment. This is a great car thats defiantly come a long way since I purchased it first.I like to be completely upfront when selling a vehicle so the buyer knows what they’re buying. You are buying a Porsche that needs a rebuild on the engine or a complete new engine. I myself would rebuild because its cheaper but to each their own. Keep in mind these are selling for 25k all day long this one just needs alittle love. with the miles and current condition I think it’s a very fair price. clean title in hand. No you cannot drive it, no you cannot start it, you’re basing your purchase off what’s in the ad. This vehicle needs to be towed. Do not come expecting a perfect car I posted all the details so you know what your buying ahead of Time. Any questions at all feel free to ask! $500 non refundable deposit must be made immediately following the sale. You will receive a message immediately following the sale to set up a time and place to meet. I will ask for a phone number to call you at. vehicle must be picked up within 7 days of sale or you forfeit your refund. You are responsible for shipping if you choose so. Payment options stay the same. cash or certified bank check NOTHING ELSE. If you have less than 5 verified reviews please contact me before bidding so I can confirm you are not spam. If you are an international buyer you MUST contact me before bidding! NO EXCEPTIONS! This is a steal! Happy bidding! NOTE; wheels pictured will not be on the car. it will come with Porsche twistys with newish tires!

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