2010 Mini Clubman Clubman – For Sale $4050.00

6sp Manual Transmission

4 Summer Rims + Mounted Tires
4 Winter Steel Rims (on the car) + Mounted Tires
OEM Mini Clubman Bike Rack ( can hold two 
bikes ) 

Working Dual Sun Roof!!! 

Car runs well, and had a complete look over by Empire Autoworks (look them up on Yelp / Google – superior shop for European cars)

Needs pull latch for hood replaced and the middle speedometer (mini servo motor) has stopped at 40mph. The speed can be read from the digital TAC from the steering wheel.

Radio / CD player, all circle notifications etc. all work in the center, besides the big needle.


I have a second set of brake pads + rotors – just because. The brakes are fine and garage said there was plenty of meat still on the rotors. It’ll just save you money down the road.

NOTE: Tire sensor light is on because the steel rims + tires have no sensor in them. It says INACTIVE – which is correct. The summer tires + rims have sensors that will make this alert go OFF. Something you live with, when you put on snow tires.

Oil changed every 5000 miles – full synthetic. Also, I’ve used 0% ethanol gas in the car since I purchased it, based on the recommendations by a couple Mini techs I know. I do not dog the car either. 

Summer wheels are the last picture … they are in the garage right now. I will be doing an internal detailing before it goes to anyone.

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