Want to have fun and be a key part of a high performing team coordinating the buildout of the natural product operations for a rapidly growing leader in the nutraceutical, functional food and metabolic optimization fields?

Eager to join a team of high-performing, yet humble integrative thinkers who measurably improve people’s lives by tackling interesting challenges as part of a rapidly growing $250 billion+ industry?

If so, and you’re a top-notch operations-minded person with an incessant drive towards excellence who pays attention to detail and LIVES to get things done, please read on to as we’d love to talk.

We are 100% virtual, so you get to enjoy this all from the comfort of your own home.

Who We’re Looking For:

We’re scouring the U.S. for a full-time operations coordinator. It is a work-at-home position with a very flexible work/vacation schedule. Lifestyle is hugelyimportant to our company given what we do.

You will work directly with the Senior Operations manager and the Senior Quality Control Manager to drive projects to completion as we scale up our rapidly growing catalog of products and projects.

The ideal person is extremely self-motivated, loves to grind out work consistently and is comfortable being hands-on in all facets of operations – everything from preparing purchase orders, to tracking down vendors and ingredients, to in-depth market research, to project managing all the details.

This opportunity is suited only for a high-performing operations professional with an integrative mindset who likes to build AND manage with a proven ability to get things done cleanly and on time.

Just as we obsess about creating healthy living products that get the most results in the least time, we’re looking for someone equally obsessed about building out systems and processes that are reliable and repeatable to help make our high-performing team highly efficient and effective.

Who We Are:

We, Natural Health Sherpa, create simple-to-use products that optimize your metabolism. Because we’ve found that an optimized metabolism ultimately delivers what every person wants: results that stick. You get to enjoy more energy, feel great and fully engage in life. That’s important, because, frustratingly, the world is setup encourage the opposite: low energy, sickness and stress.

We’re a multiple 8-figure company that’s been profitable since our founding in 2010. Over the last 9 years, we’ve developed a deep portfolio of products ranging exercise and nutrition programs to nutraceuticals and functional foods. And now we’re entering an exciting new growth phase whereby we’re re-branding around the main concept all of our products have evolved around: Metabolic Living.

As part of that re-branding, we’re porting our outdated website at www.naturalhealthsherpa.com to our modernized content and e-commerce platform we’re building at www.metabolicliving.com. As part of this migration, we’re developing new info products, lifestyle products and nutraceutical products at a blistering pace so that when we’re ready to launch Metabolic Living, we have a full catalog of exciting, best-in-class products to offer consumers.

Your job will be to assist with managing the many vendors and production partners we work with and help track and manage all outstanding projects and products. You’ll also be assigned a good number of projects for you to directly oversee and complete, such as sourcing hard to find ingredients and performing competitive market analyses.

Our nutrition courses and exercise programs are designed to deliver the most results in the least time. For example, our exercise videos deliver the same or better benefits in just 15 minutes, 3 times a week than do traditional exercise programs that require 60 minutes, 5 times a week. Yes, really.

You can see an example of one of our exercise products at http://www.metabolicrenewal.com as our e-commerce happens on product-specific websites for now. All e-commerce will happen on http://www.metabolicliving.com as part of the re-branding.

We also formulate state-of-the-art nutritional supplements and functional foods that fuel your metabolism to generate the energy you need to consistently perform at your peak. For example, instead of taking weeks to notice a difference, it takes just days to feel better.

We practice what we preach: our company is designed so everyone on our team both enjoys their work challenges while having plenty of time to do what they most in their life. We recruit only high-performing, humble people who produce in fast cycles, hold themselves accountable and have fun.


A Closer Look at What You’ll be Doing:

We’re looking for a talented, detail-oriented, fast-learning operations assistant to help organize, optimize and maintain manufacturing and logistics operations.

This role will directly touch activities in purchasing, sourcing, manufacturing and shipping. You must have experience in these areas, and be familiar with how to place purchase orders, find vendors, request and monitor status updates from suppliers and manufacturers, and manage the shipping process. In sum, you need to be able to think about the operations and logistics process holistically.

We have many different products in various stages of development. Currently we’re focused on adding new and exciting nutraceutical and food products. Each of these needs to be managed as a project, and the whole operation also needs support to help keep things on the right path and in stock. We have a lot going on and need someone with a dedicated set of eyes on everything daily.

This role will touch a number of key systems including our internal purchasing systems, third party fulfillment/inventory systems, proprietary item management systems and Excel and Access projects. You will need to be proficient in basic computer software, especially Microsoft Windows and Office (must be very good with Excel).

The position requires extreme attention to detail, the ability to process information quickly, extremely good spreadsheet, math and analytical skills along with top-notch organizational and project management abilities.

You will be responsible for sourcing and helping us identify key partners to work with on various projects.

This is the part of the company with the most immediate growth potential – so you need to be able to wake up every day ready to help drive the company and projects forward. Staying organized and self-motivated is key to being successful in this role.

Your Responsibilities Include:

  • Managing the Purchase Order process – Preparing purchase orders for review and signature, following the PO process for submission and acceptance; monitoring order progress, notifying the Operations Manager of any delays or issues; reconciling production quantity with PO quantity, and reviewing invoice for accuracy against items and quantity produced.
  • Sourcing Ingredients and Assisting with Identifying Supply Chain Partners – We pride ourselves on the details, and that includes our sourcing projects. Only the best ingredients will do for our products, and it takes time and energy to keep looking until we can find the best of the best.
  • Gathering Documentation – As part of our quality process, you’ll need to work with the manufacturers to get the production records and ingredient certificates for every production batch; assist the Quality Manager and Operations Manager as needed to track down documentation related to the sourcing of our ingredients; organizing and maintaining the filing on the file server, and following the documentation protocols.
  • Logistics Management – Assisting in reviewing and managing inventory levels, preparing weekly inventory forecasting reports for management review, developing and maintaining spreadsheets that alert the need to re-order materials, submitting orders and re-orders to ensure inventory levels are appropriate, getting shipping quotes, scheduling truck pick-ups and deliveries, organizing and completing the BOLs and manifests for shipments, assisting with an insurance claim if needed, and generally overseeing the inventory management process.
  • Project Management – Assist in tracking progress and meeting deadlines for reports, projects, meetings, etc. – ensuring that the multiple daily projects the Operations group is responsible for remain on track.
  • File Management – Assist in uploading and managing the files in our online file server.
  • Ad-Hoc Projects – We have a lot of projects; whether it’s assisting in looking for a new supplier or producer, gathering information on competitive products, summarizing and reporting on market conditions, or other tasks which help drive the company forward, you will be involved!
  • Creating SOPs – Develop SOPs for all key workflows in the operations department and suggest ways to optimize those workflows to get more done in less time with less stress.
  • Run and Analyze Reports – Run key executive-level reports daily and inspect for trends, highlighting anything of significance, elevating issues you spot to senior management.

You’ll Hit the Ground Running Because:

  • We have many products and projects already in the works; you can step in and take over, no need to build from the ground up.
  • We have invested in tools and systems to help make you as efficient as possible.
  • You’ll get coaching from the company’s Senior Ops people who have been in the nutraceutical business for decades.
  • We have a robust team to help put your ideas into immediate action to get results fast.

What the Ideal Candidate Looks Like:

  • At least 5 years of operations and logistics experience, preferably with a consumer products company, ideally with a nutraceutical company; with broad exposure to various systems including MS Office (proficiency with Excel especially important), Wrike (or equivalent Project Management system), e-commerce, email, fulfillment, analytics and other related systems.
  • We work in a fast-paced environment that requires someone pick up things EXTREMELY fast, yet also have METICULOUS attention to detail to ensure i’s dotted and t’s crossed.
  • This also requires someone who is an integrative thinker and problem solver, who can see the whole project from various angles and attack it the best way.
  • Excellent communicator with top-notch organizational and project management skills while being very comfortable with numbers, working in Excel, etc.
  • Must have a great attitude towards work and life with a predictable, stable daily routine.
  • You love to deliver the results needed just as much as the process.
  • Project managing, developing workflows and SOPs, planning, reporting, tracking and analyzing all come naturally to you as a hyper-organized person.
  • You won’t have any direct reports; but you need to be able to manage people at our various production and supply partners to keep them on track, on time and on budget. Nice, but persistent and holds the line is the right attitude.
  • You excellent at quickly devising creative solutions to practical problems.
  • You understand how to use technology to automate and accelerate key aspects of producing your deliverables, with a keen ability to just “figure it out”.

5 Key Attributes We Look For:

  • Quickly Engages – Attacks projects immediately, doing just the right amount of planning to avoid analysis paralysis, constantly pushing and maintaining high intensity.
  • Takes Ownership – Takes personal responsibility for projects due to a deep sense of pride, going the extra mile, constantly surprising, solving problems proactively.
  • Produces Results – Prioritizes work based on what’s most impactful to company, while deftly cycling through tasks to produce the most meaningful results the fastest.
  • Relentlessly Persists – Embraces get-it-done attitude, relentlessly attacks problems at different angles until something works, staying resilient until the task is done.
  • Collaborates Smoothly – Gels well within or across teams, respecting others, communicating candidly, no hidden agendas, coordinating effectively so things get done faster.


What You’ll Enjoy from Us:

  • Highly Competitive Salary – This respects the fact that you are a needle in a haystack, a true high-performer that any company would die for to have you on their team.
  • Flexible Benefits – We can customize your benefits to your specific situation, rather than forcing you to accept something that may not make sense for you.
  • Work-from-Home – A fantastic work-from-home lifestyle with flexible hours when needed with ability to carve out time to do what you love.
  • Curated Team – Peace of mind knowing we only recruit high-performing, humble people and that you’ll be surrounded by a supportive, high-energy team that respects you and your work.

If this sounds like a good fit, if you’re excited to do something challenging and meaningful that preserves your ability to enjoy life to the fullest, then please apply ASAP as we can’t wait to meet you!



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