2011 Ford Crown Victoria – For Sale $2440.00

Up for bid or sale is this Police Interceptor that I purchased from auction, however I happen to know the man that supervised its maintenance and it has been very well maintained (serviced every 3000 miles) so don’t let the high mileage swade you, this car should last a long time
Most of the police equipment still works, however someone removed the switch to the siren so that would need to be replaced if you need a siren. Red/Blue/White strobe lights work in the back- if you’re a fireman you may be able to change the front one to blue(one already is). Spot light, Lock box(needs a new lock or key made but it is unlocked), 2 radio mounts/antennas and wiring.

This car is very fun to drive, these Police Interceptors are designed by Ford to give the police an advantage- they are fast with a lot of horse power/acceleration, special suspension/anti-sway bars etc. so they just seem to never let go of the road. I was planning to touch-up the car up myself, even bought a new “Police Interceptor” model plate which I will include, but things came up and must sacrifice, however this is my rock bottom price, please do not message me with other offers and especially do not try to arrange payment without going through eBay & PLEASE DO NOT SEND ME RIDICULOUS MESSAGES LIKE ”
…Please kindly shoot me a me txt message through my phone number for a faster response….
Gas usage is not unreasonable; I filled the tank from empty last week with about 16 gallons and drove it about 300 miles before needing a refill  (18-20 mph).
I am about 1/3 done getting the sticker residue off of it (all it needed is Goo Gone and a little elbow grease)

There is a crack in the front windshield more than 6 inches long so you’ll need to replace it but I got a quotes online to do so for $250-$300
There is only 1 place externally where rust is starting (other than the rims), I included a pic for full disclosure.
I’m still waiting for the title but should have it from the DMV in a few weeks

Want to see more? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fbv3Ul-rQKc

NOTE: This vehicle is being sold as former police vehicle and is equipped with red/blue lights, strobes and a siren. If a municipality or legal law enforcement agency is NOT the highest bidder, it will be the responsibility of the bidder to ensure that the police equipment is decommissioned or not used on public roadways(unless you’re a fireman and converted the red lights to blue). Failure to do so may result in legal ramifications and potential accusations of impersonation. Please keep in mind this vehicle has the following (but not limited to): antennas, lights and siren, center console, specialty rear seating door locks, radio speaker and mounts.
The iPad and GPS are not included.

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