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20 year old woman | Atwood, IL, United States | Seeking men 20-28 within 25 miles

I have 3 pets a cat and two snakes I love animals i have dark red hair and blue eyes my favorite colors are black and red
all of them are the runts and are named after something, my cat is my favorite pokemon my Burmese mix female (snake) is abby after the angel of death and opie a pastel Mojave ball python is named after sons of anarchy.
the woods or the couch
well depends on the day
a lot of times I’ll go for a walk/hike with one of my snakes around my neck or read.
death something? I have no idea I lost track
I physically cant work right now I’m working on getting on disability
I’m still learning myself.
I’m wiccan/pagan
I’m wiccan/pagan
I barely passed school I’m just not good at it.
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meet single women on facebook

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  • Hi I am Tim and I am 42 tiered of all the women that don’t want relationships…. so if you want to talk to me then be honest .. plz don’t lie..

  • My name is Jon I’m 27 looking for true love I can’t deal with heart breaks I moved from California now currently living in Auburn Maine

  • i live in vancouver BC Canada would like 2 meet n talk 2 female close 2 me Lajos Gyorffy on fb look me up

  • Please disregard this ad as I I’m in love with the girl i met and I don’t know how to delete this add so again please disregard this ad do not reply to it as I have a girlfriend I am deeply in love now.

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